Kept Safe In Head-On Collision

Fiona / Singapore

Recently, it was reported in the news that a busload of Singaporeans collided head-on with an oncoming truck in Hokkaido, Japan last Thursday. My niece and I were on this coach. It happened in the morning of the fourth day of our tour, and we were heading for Sapporo at that time. 

Both of us were seated on the twin seats right behind the driver. We had just put on our MP3 and were enjoying some light moments listening to Pastor Prince's sermon.

All we can recall now is that when both of us next looked straight, we saw an oncoming truck right in front of our coach. We had no time to react but to cover one another. We also had no safety belts to protect ourselves. We were stunned, and I remembered calling: “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.”

Oh, the divine saving power of His name! Both my niece and I were covered with broken glass and I could feel glass in my mouth, yet we walked away with only minor bruises, and were able to continue our holiday after spending a day in the hospital.

Of the thirty-three people in our group, four required stitches. The tour guide seated next to us suffered severe cuts on his face and the driver died on the spot.

We had been taking Holy Communion every morning, and the team I serve with in church had prayed and blessed us before our trip. We know that it was His blood that covered and protected us.

It was as the Bible says in Psalm 91:7 – A thousand may fall at our side, and ten thousand at our right hand, but it shall not come near us. There was death in front of us, a glass window to my right, and injuries beside and behind us, yet we were so shielded that we walked away free.

All praise to our Lord.

Fiona / Singapore



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